Delivery times
We deliver within 7 business days in Australia provided receipt of payment is before 2 PM Australian Eastern Standard Time on NSW business days.
Shipping Charges
We offer FREE SHIPPING & RETURNS on all orders to residential addresses in Australia.
Delivery method
All deliveries are made by Australia Post. You can always track your deliveries with Australia Post tracking (
Customer services
Any complaints regarding the state in which goods have been delivered must be made to Hedgren by contacting customer service using the contact form or alternatively you can give us a call no later than two working days upon receipt of the goods.


I want to return the order for a refund, what should I do?
Returns will only be accepted within 14 days of the delivery date. For further questions view our returns page or get in contact with customer service.
My goods are damaged or faulty, what should I do?
If the goods are damaged or faulty, please contact customer service.


Our Warranty Service
Hedgren provides a two-year warranty (5 years for hard-shell luggage) against material and manufacturing defects, which is valid from the date of purchase. If you find such a defect within the warranty period, bring the product to your local Hedgren dealer. Hedgren will repair or replace the product at its own discretion and free of charge. But don’t forget: for your warranty claim to be valid, you must be able to show a proof of purchase in the form of a warranty certificate. This will either have been filled in by the salesperson or accompanied by a receipt along with the date of purchase.

Important: the warranty is limited to the purchase price of the product. So, it does not cover damage caused by any of the following: incorrect use, negligence, carelessness, scratches, tearing, exposure to extreme temperatures, solvents, acid or water, normal wear, damage by normal use or transportation damage (at airline companies for example).

If the product is damaged due to one of those causes, you can of course still contact your Hedgren dealer. He will provide advice and offer to repair the product against the payment for such repair. Material and production defects found outside the warranty period can similarly be repaired against the payment for such repair (depending on the availability of the parts, that is).

Notice: repairs carried out by service centres which are not approved by Hedgren are not covered by this warranty!


Cleaning Your Hedgren Bag
To clean and maintain your Hedgren bag, please follow the below advice:
  • Wipe clean any marks of the outside fabric with a slightly wet cloth or baby wipe.
  • Do not bleach.
  • Do not soak in water
  • Avoid moistening the leather parts
  • Hang flat in a shady place to dry
  • In case of a deep stain, clean the fabric with a cloth or soft brush using water and neutral soap.
  • Do not use hot water while washing, as the backing of materials will get damaged.
  • Do not store your bags away for a long period of time. Fabrics and fibres can react to the environment and have an adverse reaction.


RFID Blocking Technology
Skimming fingers beware! This digital information is protected.

Your RFID pocket enables cards against unauthorized RFID readers. Many credit cards, passports and other RFID enabled media contain RFID chips that record your personal information, if you do not use protective measures with RFID pockets, identity thieves can obtain your credit card data using hidden RFID readers without you ever knowing.
How To Set Your TSA-LOCK
The original number is 0-0-0.

To set your personal combination, follow these steps:

1. Put the dials at its original numbers: 0-0-0.
2. Push the button A to the end as the arrow showed, hold it until you finish the next step.
3. Set your combination by turning the dials B, for example: 8-8-8.
4. Now you can release the button A, and let it spring back.

Your personal code is now set. Note it down in a safe place in case you forget it. If you wish to change the combination, repeat steps 1-4.

There is no key included with this lock, only custom authoroties have the approved key. For more info, go to