Care Instructions

Cleaning Your Hedgren Bag

Our fabrics are pre-treated with a water and dust repellent coating to keep your bags looking new for longer. 

To clean and maintain your Hedgren bag, please follow the below advice: 

  • Wipe clean any marks of the outside fabric with a slightly wet cloth or baby wipe. 
  • Do not bleach.
  • Do not soak in water
  • Avoid moistening the leather parts
  • Hang in a shady place to dry
  • In case of a deep stain, clean the fabric with a cloth or soft brush using water and neutral soap.
  • Do not use hot water while washing, as the inner backing of materials will get damaged.
  • Do not store your bags away for a long period of time. Fabrics and fibres can react to the environment and have an adverse reaction.

Hedgren Cleaning "Do's"Hedgren Cleaning "The Don'ts"